What is Dirty lines?

DIRTY LINES is a Party Game for dirty minds in which players take turns acting out Freaky Themes and Drawing Messed up Things while the other players try and guess what they are drawing before time runs out. The twist is that instead of drawing a single card players draw two different cards, one with a word that they must get in order to receive any points and another that adds points to that score when they are guessed causing confusion and hilarity as players switch topics on a dime or try and merge two words into a single drawing in an attempt increase there score.  Will you play it safe and go straight to the main word or will you risk it all trying to squeeze in every word you can? Either way the results are sure to make you laugh.

How To Earn Points

Guess the Darkest Concepts

What’s more fun then getting your friends to laugh with earning a bunch of points? Laughing at your friends while earning a bunch of points. Dirty Lines not only rewards the actors and artists but also those who have a keen eye and a dirty enough mind to figure out the dark concepts being displayed.

Act out Freaky Themes

Not the best with a marker, not to worry. You can earn just as many laughs (and points) by acting out everything on the cards as well. In fact you may even get more laughs.

Draw Messed Up Things

In order to get buku points you are going to have to get everybody else to guess some really messed up words. Drawing these these things on a white board, on the wall, or on your friends back will not only result in spontaneous laughing but is an excellent way to get maximum points and win the game.

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